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📈 6 Above The Fold Changes That Can Increase CVR By Up To 20%.

Expert breakdowns, from improving imagery to crafting compelling CTAs, all aimed at maximizing customer engagement and conversion.

Welcome to the 41st edition of The Perspective 👀  

Find out how simple changes like improving your hero-image has the potential to improve conversions by up to 20%, making it a high-impact strategy for your brand.

In this issue we’ll be focusing on the important 'above the fold' elements. It's this part of the website that packs the first punch – it's what your customers see first and what can influence their decision to stay and engage or bounce right off.

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Hairtamin 💊
Hero-Image Breakdown

Carousels may seem attractive for their dynamic nature, but they fall short in user engagement, with most interaction stopping after the first slide. A static image ensures that a brands message and product take the stage uninterrupted, giving every visitor the full story without the need to click through.

How much of a difference can this make? Clear, static images are more than just eye candy; they function as silent salespeople. A survey found that 83% of shoppers view the product image as the most influential factor in their purchasing decision​​. Moreover, lifestyle images, which place the product in a realistic context, can push this even further. They're not just images; they're stories that invite the customer in. 

Mate The Label 👕
Hero-Image Breakdown

A homepage headline should act as a beacon, shining a light on your brand's unique selling proposition. It's the golden opportunity to show what sets your brand apart, summarising your core value in a short. It lets visitors them know exactly what they can expect from your brand.

Headlines that hits the mark with a brand’s USP can increase engagement and significantly boost conversion rates, with some adjustments potentially improving conversions by up to 30%​​. It's a critical piece of the conversion puzzle, transforming your homepage from a simple gateway into a compelling narrative that aligns with your audience's needs and interests.

Yes Bar 🍪
Social Proof Breakdown

Adding social proof to your website acts as a trust signal to new visitors, leveraging the human tendency to look to others for guidance on what to trust and buy. When shoppers see real people endorsing a product, it lowers their perceived risk of trying something new.

Implementing any form of social proof e.g. UGC, press or user reviews on above the fold can result in an up to 18% increase in sales.

Laifen 💨
Brand Benefits Breakdown

Tooltips draw the user's eye to important features, making sure they understand the value of the product quickly and easily. It's crucial because customers may overlook text after an image, but tooltips can prevent that, ensuring key features  don't go unnoticed.

Highlighting key benefits clearly can improve CVR by up to 20%​​. This approach taps into customers' desire for quick information and can decisively influence their buying decisions.

Monogram Coffee ☕️
CTA Breakdown

Monogram Coffee's website redesign replaces the 'Read More' link with two full-width CTAs, directing users either to shop their coffee collection or subscribe to a monthly delivery. This change is based on a focused strategy to keep visitors on the homepage engaged with the brand, guiding them towards making a purchase or commitment without being sidetracked by other content.

Strategically placed CTAs, especially when designed to be immediately noticeable, can significantly impact a site's conversion rate. Best practices suggest that visible, well-placed CTAs can increase conversions, with some studies noting a boost by as much as 20%. 


These ‘above the fold’ changes are important for engaging visitors quickly and effectively, boosting the likelihood of taking action. With clear imagery, effective headlines and prominent CTA’s, these adjustments directly influence a site’s boost in conversion.

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