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Welcome to the 19th edition of The Perspective by Oddit

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In this edition 🗞:

  • Brand-first breakdown with BALLS

  • 5 questions with Founder Jason Deutchman

  • How to style your brand's key benefits

  • New brands we discovered this month

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Brand-First Breakdown: BALLS

After an awkward dinner conversation about grooming "down there", the BALLS Founders realized that there were no tools good enough for the job. So they set out to engineer the world's best ball shaver, to help men everywhere improve confidence, quality of life, and overall comfort.

We're breaking down various parts of BALLS' website and offering a couple of tweaks to make it an even better user experience and conversion machine. Let's jump in!

Mobile Navigation

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: As great and on-brand as the ‘’sack” is, it really isn’t clear enough. Switch to a more standard “bag”.

Suggestion 2: This is a great shipping offer, but make sure it’s actionable!

Cart With Items

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Surface more than one add-on and consider offering savings to users who bundle products.

Suggestion 2: Make multiple additions easy by letting users swipe through a few.

Suggestion 3: Don’t forget to call-out your free shipping offer right by the checkout action.

Suggestion 4: Add a “lock” icon to your checkout button to signify secure checkout. We’ve seen tremendous results including this at this stage.

Suggestion 5: Call-out a payment alternative such as Apple Pay or your Affirm option. Only one is needed here, the rest can be presented at the checkout.

Homepage Header

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: It’s great to show your product, but it’s equally important to provide context — pull in a lifestyle shot to give users the full story!

Suggestion 2: Place your content hierarchy of text at the bottom without distractions — currently there’s too much happening in the header.

Suggestion 3: Make user engagement easy by ensuring key action buttons are full-width on mobile, and sit at the bottom of the fold. As well, make it descriptive and clear — tell them exactly what they are shopping for.

Product Page Buy Box

Suggestions To Test: 

Suggestion 1: Tighten up this information — there’s no need for it to be taking up so much vertical space on the page.

Suggestion 2: Format your gallery by removing the thumbnails and instead allowing the next image to peak in from the side to prompt exploration.

Suggestion 3: Don’t forget to describe simply what they are buying. 

Suggestion 4: The 2 options need to be much simpler and more clear. Place them side-by-side and remove the “Add To Cart” from inside of them. Give the users the critical information and that’s it.

Suggestion 5: Test removing the quantity selector and allowing it only in the cart.

Suggestion 6: Call-out a single payment alternative beneath the “Add To Cart” action. We suggest surfacing the most popular with your users.

Design Traits

Suggestion To Test: Place these into rows of 2 so that all of them can sit in a single view for users to explore and read.

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Founders Five 🖐

Founder: Jason Deutchman is the Founder of Yoga Strong, a brand that sells premium luxe yoga mats and fitness accessories for a contemporary lifestyle.

Jason's not your typical yoga lover, and Yoga Strong's not your average yoga mat... And they like it that way!

Jason's also a former "Hooper" playing Basketball professionally all over Southeast Asia, including shooting hoops in The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam :D

Oddit: You had a 3x uplift from BFCM 2021 with $0 ad spend for BFCM 2022 — What’s your secret?!

Jason: No secret, just being resourceful! We utilize lots of plain-text emails to nurture a more personal relationship with prospective buyers, especially since our list is small.

Another goal for 2022 BFCM was to get on as many blogger gift lists as possible (with affiliate offers) to help drive traffic for higher purchase intent users. We also worked with a few corporate gifting services.

Oddit: What’s the most recent site adjustment you’ve made that had the greatest impact on revenue?

Jason: Post purchase upsell has been one of the biggest recent adjustments that has driven revenue. With a good offer, the uptake has a decent rate with minimal effort.

Oddit: What skills from the court have you applied to your entrepreneurial journey?

Jason: This would depend on how you view me as a player! But, one of the biggest things is being adaptable. Founders have to play multiple positions, and in both basketball and e-commerce, there are many variables and unprecedented issues that arise that you may or may not be prepared for, but you have to find ways to win!

Oddit: When it comes to tech stack — Give us a tool that you think is super underrated but extremely useful.

Jason: Replo has been my new favorite addition to the tech stack. Freelance designers charge a lot for custom Landing Pages, but Replo’s LP templates are a game-changer. We can knock out new pages to test in one day.

Oddit: What’s the best mistake you’ve made so far with your brand?

Jason: I’ve certainly made my share of bad mistakes, but one good mistake was sending an order to the wrong address, but we told the recipient to keep the product, and they ended up loving it so much, they set us up with a huge order to supply gear for a summer camp!

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