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Welcome to the 25th edition of The Perspective by Oddit!

Twice a month we send out actionable tips for creating brand-first and conversion-optimized customer experiences from the best brands in the world!

In this edition 🗞:

  • Brand-first breakdown with Zinnia Health

  • Scripted vs Unscripted UGC — What's the verdict at Oddit?

  • 5 questions with Proper Good Founder Christopher Jane

  • Homepage essentials: tips for a killer first impression

  • Shaun's recent podcast appearances

  • New brands we discovered this month

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Brand-First Breakdown: Zinnia Health

The Zinnia is the world’s fastest growing flower, able to adapt to any conditions, and thrive in difficult situations. Like that vibrant and diverse flower, Zinnia Health is as fast-growing, responsive and strong, as dynamic and unique as their namesake.

The team promotes health and healing for everyone, everywhere and more importantly they have already helped thousands of people across the USA recover from drug, alcohol, and mental health disorders.

It really is health care from A to Z, and Z to A!

So sit back and relax as we're breaking down various parts of the Zinnia Health website and offering a couple of tweaks to make it an even better user experience and conversion machine. Let's jump in!

Mobile Menu

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Make the menu drawer full-width to utilize more of the space.

Suggestion 2: Surface the search feature here as a full-width search input field.

Suggestion 3: Create a clearer hierarchy between primary and secondary actions. Links that drive conversions should be more present and prominent.

Suggestion 4: Move all the secondary actions below and ensure your primary links stand out more than your secondary actions.

Suggestion 5: Use your additional whitespace to build trust — this could be a solid press review or customer call-out!

Suggestion 6: Leverage a primary action and place this at the bottom of the fold.

Suggestion 7: Include a statement beneath the Call To Action (CTA) that there is no obligation to enter treatment. This will help to establish trust with users and demonstrate the transparency of your program.

Accepted Insurances

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Consider testing a new short and enticing headline that grabs the users’ attention.

Suggestion 2: Place your accepted insurance companies’ logos in a moving carousel to avoid making this section long and causing scroll fatigue.

Suggestion 3: Include a subcopy here that tells users more about this section and the form.

Suggestion 4: Surface an input field to give users quick action to verify if their insurance provider is accepted by Zinnia Health.

Suggestion 5: Surface an action to “Verify Insurance”. Make user engagement easy by ensuring key action buttons are full-width on mobile, and sit at the bottom of the fold.

Clinic Location Header

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Separate the copy from the image so both can be communicated more clearly. Reorganize the text hierarchy to present a more clear flow of information to drive intrigue.

Suggestion 2: Convert the copy into a badge to provide clearer information to users about the program specialization of this specific clinic.

Suggestion 3: Pull up the carousel featuring the clinic images higher on the page to act as your new header image.

Suggestion 4: Surface a CTA to a video tour to provide users a more immersive and engaging experience rather than text or static images alone.

Suggestion 5: Convert the phone number CTA into a descriptive “Call Us Free 24/7” CTA. Ensure that your action buttons are full-width to make them easier to reach on mobile.

Why Zinnia?

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Consider testing a new enticing headline that grabs the users’ attention.

Suggestion 2: Condense information and make sure not to overwhelm your users with long-winded information. Extract all the key highlights and use iconography to ensure users get the most valuable content in a much more scannable way.

Long-Winded Information

Suggestion To Test:

Suggestion 1: Move this long-winded section into an accordion to avoid scroll fatigue and add a headline as they act as a signpost for users to help figure out what the section is all about.

Short Reviews

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Stars are the best visual to let users know exactly where they are when scrolling through the page.

Suggestion 2: Call-out the total number of satisfied clients in your headline to build trust.

Suggestion 3: Surface short snippets of reviews that are scannable and provide social proof. To build trust, it is important to humanize these reviews by adding images of the past clients who are willing to be featured.

Suggestion 4: Add a CTA button below to let users get in touch. You’ve already surfaced trust building factors — let the user take action now!

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Scripted vs Unscripted UGC is a hot topic — What’s our take?

At Oddit, we've worked with over 5,000 brands and discovered the incredible impact of User-Generated Content (UGC). However, not all UGC is created equal, and we've seen it misused too often. That's why we believe in prioritizing quality over a one-size-fits-all solution.

As the demand for authenticity grows, we're turning our focus towards Customer-Generated Content (CGC). With no products having to be distributed first (bonus!), current customers can organically share unique, genuine product experiences. This approach places authenticity and speed at the forefront, offering a compelling strategy for UGC content on a larger scale — CGC enter the room!

Recently, we connected with an innovative tool that effortlessly captures CGC from customers passively. So, what sets it apart? It offers the ability to create incentivized campaigns, effortlessly manages and organizes tagged CGC, and streamline usage rights approval. We are opening it up for 20 brands, who can use it for free for three months, making it a steal against the full functionality cost of its competitors like Bounty and Archive. If you're intrigued and want to learn more, don't hesitate! Simply shoot us an email or reply to this newsletter.

Founders Five 🖐

Founder: Chris is the CEO & Co-Founder at Proper Good, which he founded with his sister, Jennifer Jane (Co-Founder & CMO) and launched in April 2020.

Proper Good offers 90-second meal solutions with options accommodating keto, gluten-free, dairy-free and plant-based diets, with the great motto "Happy Spoon, Happy You"!

All meals are made with clean and functional ingredients, shelf-stable to take on the go, and delivered direct with recyclable packaging.

Outside of all things CPG, Chris is an avid snowboarder, one-wheeler, yoga sculpt enthusiast, and kitten fosterer (awh! 😻)!

Oddit: As you were perfecting your meals, what did your validation process look like?

Chris: We run a continuous iteration process with all meals, we're able to produce a small amount of a new item so we can get that into consumers hands quickly and easily (on average we've launched a new meal every 6 weeks) then we heavily survey and rely on written feedback for improvement.

Once we hit 50 reviews on an item a direction is pretty clear, some items now have 1,000+ reviews but 50 is a level at which usually it doesn't change much after that. With the feedback then we iterate and relaunch, some items have had 8 rounds of revisions for tweaks of things like sodium, cheese level, spices, herbs, etc. while others have been instant hits with no changes at all which is always fun.

But relying on consumers to guide our recipe development and improvement is absolutely key to Proper Good.

Oddit: What’s the most recent site adjustment you’ve made that had the greatest impact on revenue?

Chris: A focus on subscription has been key for us in the last 6 months, we make it very easy to subscribe, but also very easy to then change items, skip a shipment, cancel if needed, etc.

Overall helping people have their 'easy meals on auto-pilot' has been a strong shift for us. It makes sense from a behavioral standpoint of course, as most people are super busy so re-shopping manually online every few weeks is not likely to be at the top of most people's daily priorities, even if they love Proper Good the repurchase rate may be far less frequent than if we can get them into an easy subscription, offer one click adjustments, nudge via email and SMS, and so on.

Oddit: As Proper Good was founded in 2020 by you and your sister (Jen), what’s your best piece of advice for not blurring the lines between business and family?

Chris: Simply creating those lines and trusting the other person to be to the best of their ability within them. For example I would say 80% of Jennifer's time is on areas I do not touch, and vice-versa.

If there are blurred elements, or areas of disagreement or overlap, then using data to guide that decision is the way to go and depersonalize it.

Oddit: What’s the biggest mistake you made early on in your business?

Chris: Overly focusing on a specific subset and usage occasion, such as 'keto soup', the more we've focused on generally better for you items, broader meals and times of day, the happier our customers have been... and of course it's a larger and broader market for us as business.

This is why our $5 — $6 better ready meals do well in the mass market both online and nationally in Walmart.

Oddit: Best lesson learned from being on Shark Tank?

Chris: Do it! If you're a mass market priced CPG company with the ability to ship nationwide, I cannot think of a better step-change than appearing on Shark Tank.

It's a serious commitment and time effort to do all the applications and processes, but if you make it through you'll have a seismic change in website traffic, google ranking, ad performance, retailer interest, and so on.

It's a wonderful opportunity and we cannot highlight or recommend it enough. Plus it's super fun!

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