The Perspective #27

Welcome to the 27th edition of The Perspective by Oddit!

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In this edition 🗞:

  • Brand-first breakdown with BonLook

  • 5 questions with Love Cocoa Founder & CEO James Cadbury

  • Quick tips on optimizing your mobile homepage

  • Links to DTC articles and Baymard Institute’s latest case studies

  • Plus, new brands we love!

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Brand-First Breakdown: BonLook 👓

Introducing BonLook, an eyewear brand that elegantly merges chic design with pocket-friendly pricing - but affordability doesn't equate to a compromise in quality. With their meticulously crafted frames and high-grade lens treatments, BonLook offers an air of sophistication while enhancing your vision.

But there's more to BonLook than just… looking good 👀 . They're a brand with a mission, embracing corporate social responsibility through actions such as tree-planting initiatives and nonprofit support. With BonLook, style and social impact go hand in hand.

In this issue we’ll be taking a look at a few way to dial in your collections, PDP and a few things in-between. Let’s go!

Homepage New Arrivals

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: This is the right place for this content, but we should lead with Best sellers. Make this heading a variant selector so users can toggle between best sellers and new arrivals.

Suggestion 2: Remove the carousel, and instead display these in rows of 2 (and display 4-6 of them on mobile).

Suggestion 3: Add a blanket action to the bottom to shop all of the selected category. This could also be broken into ‘Mens Best Sellers’ and ‘Womens Best Sellers’.

Homepage UGC Content

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Add a cross-section featuring real customers in the products, and pull in some information about the great following you have.

Suggestion 2: Showcase 1 post at a time to let users focus each post. For the actual posts shown here, pull in images/posts where customers have tagged BonLook. This is one of the best ways to humanize the brand and build trust with new users – showing them that real people love the products.

Suggestion 3: Pull in a snippet from each post to give more context as to what the customer loved.

Suggestion 4: Give users a clear action to shop the product shown in the image.

Product Page Header

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Pull your price (or starting price) up the page to the top.

Suggestion 2: Just like on the product cards on homepage, let’s tighten up the white space here.

Suggestion 3: Move the gallery indicators up above the image, again to save on vertical space. The tighter and more efficient you are with space, the faster users can take action.

Suggestion 4: Don’t surface two separate color selectors for eye and sunglasses. Instead test utilizing a variant selector that displays both options.

Suggestion 5: Before you surface a sticky add to cart, give users an add to cart action on-page. We see higher conversion in stores that present actions this way.

Product Page Variants

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Reduce the size of the color swatches to 6-7 across on mobile. Once you have more than this, it should run to 2 rows, rather than off-screen.

Suggestion 2: Simplify secondary content. Rather than a paragraph, just surface the key traits/points as bullets.

Suggestion 3: Pull the measurement info to where it is most relevant – inside the size selector.

Suggestion 4: Rather than giving users another action to take within the ‘add to cart’, move the vision type selector into this area to be with the other variants. Long form info on each should be behind the ‘help me choose’ pop-up.

Find My Size

Suggestion To Test:

Suggestion 1: Be more direct with the instructions here by highlighting them as steps and telling users what they are actually measuring.

Suggestion 2: Pull the image size in from the edges so that it’s easier to see.

Suggestion 3: Reorganize the content flow. Tell them what to do, show the image, surface the input, give a full width action to take.

Suggestion 4: This size guide focuses on measuring existing glasses – what about users who don’t have glasses? Update this to be more clearly directed at users who can’t measure their glasses.

Sticky Add to Cart

Suggestions To Test:

Suggestion 1: Make sure this only pops in once users scroll past the ATC button that is on the product page. Your sticky ATC is a secondary action to take once the primary action has been passed. You should have one directly below the new vision type selectors.

Suggestion 2: Give users the product title, price, and a simple access to the variants. This allows us to keep this panel slim so that it isn’t blocking large amounts of content on page as they scroll through.

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Founders Five 🖐

Founder: Meet James Cadbury, a true chip-off-the-old-chocolate-block with a legacy as rich as the treats his family name is synonymous with. Yes, you've got it - this is the same Cadbury lineage that gave us the iconic Cadbury chocolate. But James isn't just basking in the glow of his ancestors. He's shaking things up as the proud founder of Love Cocoa, a scrumptious game-changer in the chocolate industry.

This brand is on a mission that's even sweeter than their chocolate bars. Picture this - with every bite of a Love Cocoa treat, you're not just savoring delectable flavors, you're also playing a part in keeping our planet green. No joke - Love Cocoa plants trees, says a big 'no' to plastic and palm oil, and even contributes 1% of their yearly sales towards environmental conservation.

So, cheers to James Cadbury and Love Cocoa! They're a testament to the enduring Cadbury spirit of philanthropy and entrepreneurial innovation. With Love Cocoa, James is penning a fresh chapter in the chocolate industry's history - one that's about delicious tastes and a deep commitment to making a positive impact. Who's ready to celebrate with a chocolate bar? 🍫

Oddit: What’s the most recent site adjustment you’ve made recently that had the greatest impact on revenue for any of your brands?

James: One of the most impactful site adjustments we've made recently was the implementation of better quality photograph and a cleaner layout. Sometime the basic make the biggest difference!

Oddit: What’s one piece of advice for brands wanting to become more sustainable, especially in the chocolate industry?

James: For brands looking to embrace sustainability, especially in the chocolate industry, I'd suggest scrutinising your supply chain. Look for ethically sourced ingredients, fairer trade practices, and consider sustainable packaging options. Every step towards sustainability is a step forward, and customers appreciate the effort. We plant a tree for all products sold which really resonates with our customers and helps with brand loyalty.

Oddit: Could you share one of the more painful lessons learned from building your businesses?

James: One painful lesson we learned was underestimating the importance of cash flow management and stock forecasting in the early stages of our business. We invested heavily in growth without adequately balancing it against our operating cash flow, which led to some tough periods. This taught us the value of financial forecasting and maintaining a healthy cash buffer.

Oddit: Give us your top 2 favorite chocolatey products?!

James: This is a tough one! As a chocoholic, it's hard to pick just two, but if I have to, I'd say our Honeycomb Milk Chocolate and the classic Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. The combination of sweet and salty in the latter is just unbeatable.

Oddit: If there was only one book or podcast you’d recommend other entrepreneurs read, what would it be?

James: One book that I always recommend is "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries. It provides invaluable insights on how to effectively grow your business, especially for new entrepreneurs. Podcast-wise, I love "A Diary of a CEO" by Steven Bartlett and a shout-out to "Hungry" which is a niche food podcast for challenger brands.

Oddit: Bonus Question! What was the biggest thing that made you want to follow in your great-great-great grandfather's footsteps — Apart from it being a delicious business of course!

James: I was most compelled by the desire to carry on the legacy of craftsmanship and passion for creating high-quality, delightful products. I saw it as a way to continue a time-honoured tradition while innovating for the future. It's a nod to our past but with a keen eye on sustainability and responsibility towards the future.

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