The Perspective #31

5 Questions with the CGC King &, a SNOW Lander Breakdown

Welcome to the 31st edition of The Perspective 👀  – this week we’re taking a Fresh Perspective on:

  • 🚀 Founders Five: 5 Questions with Refunnel, Atif Raza (AKA The CGC King 👑)

  • 🤓 Conversion Design 101: Decoding the success secrets of a standout brand's landing page

  • 🐳 Oddit Partners: A sneak peek at Triple Whale's latest escapades

Founders Five 🧠
5 Questions with Refunnel founder, Atif Raza

Refunnel is revolutionizing the way brands harness user-generated content (UGC). With a focus on authenticity, Refunnel offers businesses a seamless way to collect, track, and reward customers for their genuine testimonials. In a time where real engagement matters, Refunnel stands out as a tool that bridges the gap between brands and their customers, turning them into valuable content creators.

Question 1: When you first kicked off Refunnel, what's one piece of advice you wish someone had given you?

Atif: Be patient during problem discovery but impatient during solution delivery. In our previous venture, we worked on an idea in the video-shopping space, but it turned out to be the wrong product to build. Looking back, I wish I'd spent more time defining and validating the correct problem to solve. We got excited about a problem that personally excited us, but it was ultimately not an important or urgent problem for the market. With Refunnel, we spent a lot of intentional time understanding the market need and the broader Shopify ecosystem before we began to code.

Question 2: Content rights can be a complex area. How does Refunnel simplify this for brands, ensuring they can use UGC without issues?

Atif: With Refunnel, brands can run contests for their customers & ambassadors and invite them to post content in exchange for rewards. We make it clear upfront to creators that getting paid for content means the brand will have access to the content for marketing - paid and social. And for other UGC that brands are organically tagged in, we make it seamless for them to request usage-rights for content from Refunnel, at scale, and manage it all from one central location.

Question 3: Every brand has its hurdles. Can you share a moment with Refunnel that really tested your mettle, and how you overcame it?

Atif: To create Refunnel's ideal user-journey, we had to integrate with a number of products such as Facebook, Tiktok, Shopify, Klaviyo and a few reward programs. There was a moment when we realized the Tiktok platform is nowhere near as robust as Facebook, and thus we may not be able to support it. Despite this, the team rose to the challenge and found workarounds whenever we encountered such roadblocks. This experience taught us to be resourceful and adaptable, and it helped us build the muscle to be truly innovative.

Question 4: What was the inspiration behind starting Refunnel?

Atif: It happened in NYC after a dinner with friends in the DTC industry at the start of the year. They were talking about their frustrations with influencer marketing - how it's expensive, takes too long to get good content and the consumer's increasing indifference about fake testimonials. One brand mentioned how they get tagged a lot on socials organically by their customers. Someone in the team had the good sense to turn a customer's UGC asset into a paid creative (after getting usage rights first!) and that outperformed everything else in their campaigns. I realized that this behavior could be productized, and that sparked the idea for Refunnel.

Question 5: Outside of Refunnel, are there brands or leaders that you look up to? How have they shaped your approach with Refunnel?

Atif: Andrew Bialecki's approach to building Klaviyo has shaped my approach with Refunnel in a number of ways. For example, I have learned the importance of burning very little capital and focusing on creating a great product before raising too much money. I have also learned the importance of running a lean operation and being efficient with resources. We have a clear roadmap to building a "must-have" product in any marketer's toolkit, and I gave a lot of credit to Bialecki for shaping my thinking.

That’s a wrap for todays Founders Five! You can visit Refunnels site or book a call with Atif Raza below:

Conversion Design 101 🤓
Decoding the success secrets of a standout brand's landing page

Ever wondered what turns a landing page from good to great? We're taking a close look at the SNOW Teeth Whitening landing page. This page isn’t just about a sparkling smile – it’s a prime example of a landing page done right.

Here’s a breakdown of the main wins on this lander:

1: Clear Value Proposition

The headline “7 Reasons why celebrities prefer this whitening routine over the dentist” is compelling. It leverages the influence and trust associated with celebrities.

Your headline should resonate with your audience and highlight a unique benefit. Pose the question: "Does my headline offer a clear and enticing benefit to the reader?"

2: Clear Value Proposition

Celeb endorsements and media mentions like "AS SEEN ON Ellen" elevate trust. Adding genuine customer reviews paints a fuller, trust-building picture.

Utilize endorsements that align with your brand, from local influencers to bigger names if possible. Showcase real testimonials and flaunt any media mentions. Regularly check: "Is my page authentic and trust-inspiring with its validations?"

3: Visual Before & Afters

The before-and-after photos are more than mere imagery; they capture transformative journeys that authenticate the product's potency and the promises it holds. These visuals silently testify to the effectiveness, bridging the gap between skepticism and trust.

Dive deep into your product's core benefits and translate them into compelling visual narratives. It's not just about showing results, but evoking emotions, and connecting with potential buyers on a relatable level. Ask yourself, "Are my visuals powerfully narrating the transformation journey? Do they resonate with my audience's desires and aspirations?"

4: Risk Mitigation

The "Risk-Free Purchase" on the landing page isn't just a statement—it's a pact between the brand and the customer, ensuring they're stepping into a space of security. It addresses the inherent hesitations that accompany online purchases, nudging them closer to a confident buying decision.

Go beyond the standard and provide assurances that resonate deeply with your audience's primary concerns. Whether it's a money-back guarantee, a free trial, or dedicated customer support, ensure these safety nets are prominent. Reflect on the question, "In what ways can I assure my potential customers that they're making a safe and sound decision?"

Oddit Brags 🥹
A real recent customer, and their words of love for Oddit.

If you wanna shop Oddit products, you can explore right here. Or if you want to discus how we can help your brand, chat with one of the co-founders, Shaun or Taylor.

Oddit Partners 🐳
How To Remove the Stress of Tracking Daily Changes in CTR, Ad Spend and ROAS with Triple Whale.

The Challenge

With ad-spend data spread across 6+ channels, it’s difficult for merchants to draw a big-picture insight on your brands true performance. Most merchants are dedicated 2-3 hours every week, using spreadsheets to track daily changes in CTR, Ad spend, and ROAS.

The Solution

You need a customizable, real-time snapshot of your raw data like CTR and profitability calculations like MER. Tools like Triple Whale’s Founders Dash, centralizes all of your important data into one dashboard making it easy to understand and communicate so you can make smart decisions about advertising campaigns and channels.

Why Start Now?

BFCM, often likened to the E-commerce Olympics, leads to higher CPCs and CPMs, pushing merchants to carefully manage their budgets. However, armed with the right tools and insights, merchants can maintain confidence and craft a strategic approach to boost sales while keeping customer acquisition costs in check.

Introducing Founders Dash by Triple Whale 🐳

  • Access all your real-time metrics in one user-friendly dashboard, including integrations with top platforms such as Klaviyo, Google Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok, and more!

  • Not a fan of GA4? No worries! Founders Dash includes free access to Triple Whale's Web Analytics.

  • Stay up-to-date wherever you are with Triple Whale’s full-feature mobile app.

  • Keep your team informed with automated, custom reports sent directly to Slack or email.

😱 FREE forever for Oddit customers!

Rise Speed by Oddit 🏎️💨
Boost your Shopify store with a Speed Optimization

A one-second delay in load time can lead to a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Don’t let your brand suffer due to sluggish site speeds! Rise Speed is a sister company to Oddit, and has helped hundreds of brands optimize their theme heading into holiday season.

That wraps up issue #31 of The Perspective! But don't stray too far, because next time we've got some thrilling insights and a few surprises up our sleeve that you won't want to miss.

Keep an eye out, and until then, keep pushing boundaries and relentlessly pursuing higher conversion.

Shaun & Taylor

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