The Perspective #32

High Converting Black Friday Landing Page Tips, CVR Boosts with Amazon Oddits & More...

Welcome to the 32nd edition of The Perspective 👀  – this week we’re taking a Fresh Perspective on:

  • 🚀 Black Friday Landing Pages: 6 tips on crafting a Black Friday landing page that converts!

  • 🤓 Oddit Partners: Boost Shopify revenue with Platter’s efficient storefront optimization.

  • Amazon Oddits Beta Launch: 5 spots remaining to get an Amazon Oddit done before Christmas!

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Unlock Black Friday Gold 💰
6 tips on crafting Black Friday landing pages that convert!

Tip 1: The Irresistible Offer

Be bold and clear with what you’re offering "50% Off Everything Black Friday Only!" beats "Seasonal Discounts Available." Clarity is king, and in the kingdom of conversions, the king rules.

Tip 2: Trust Building Testimonials

Let your happy customers do the talking. A well-placed review can be the nudge a hesitant shopper needs. Pulling your review section further up your page to validate your brand is key. "Join thousands who saved big!" can be the crowd-puller you need.

Tip 3: The FOMO Factor

 Stir up urgency with a countdown clock ticking down to the end of the deal. "….left to save big!" can accelerate decision-making from a maybe to a yes.

Tip 4: Clear Path To Purchase

Make the 'Add To Cart' button impossible to miss. Big, bold and overall standing out from the rest. Your CTA should be the beacon guiding them to the checkout.

Tip 5: The Exclusive Edge

Offer something extra for landing page visitors. "Exclusive Black Friday bonus with purchase!" can make your page the place to be.

Tip 6: Test, Tweak, Triumph

Always be testing. The perfect page today can be better tomorrow. Keep optimizing for those peak performance gains.

Oddit Partners 🤝
Building a highly-profitable storefront with platter!

We get it - it’s hard out there for ecommerce brands right now. Scaling profitably is more difficult than it’s ever been. Most merchants focus on testing new tactics and apps, but neglect a golden opportunity in front of them - improving their storefront.

Every day that goes by with a storefront not optimized for conversion and order value is a day with profit left on the table. Over the course of a quarter, that could mean the difference between hitting your revenue targets and falling short. Over a year - the entire trajectory of your brand could be affected.

There’s a better way. Platter is a storefront accelerator for Shopify brands built for profitability.

  • Increase CVR, AOV, and site speed

  • Launch with unmatched speed to market

  • Reduce app stack and developer dependencies

  • 40+ integrated features and counting

Fewer apps. Higher conversion. More revenue.

Amazon Oddits Beta Launch 🚀
Boost your CVR with Oddits on your Amazon listing!

We are announcing a limited offer for brands that sell on Amazon! Our new service offers comprehensive Oddits, specifically tailored for Amazon product pages. With our expertise, we're bringing the power of our proven CRO strategies directly to your Amazon storefront. All Amazon Oddits will start mid-November and be delivered just before Christmas.

Exclusive Beta Access: Only 5 spots remaining for the Amazon Oddits Beta!

Don't miss out on this chance to give your Amazon store a competitive edge during the festive season. Sign up to join our waiting list and get ready to see an increase in your store's revenue!

Oddit Brags 🥳 
A real recent customer, and their words of love for Oddit.

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