The Perspective #33

Unlock the secrets to higher sales this BFCM with evergreen ads and smart retargeting.

Welcome to the 33rd edition of The Perspective 👀  - this week we’ve partnered up with Kulin to focus on some proven strategies for Black Friday/Cyber Monday success!

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Boost Your BFCM Game 📈
Kulin’s proven strategies for BFCM success!

We’ve asked the fine folks at Kulin to pass along a few nuggets to help everyone make a pantload of money over BFCM. Here's what they had to say:

1. Keep Evergreen Ads Rolling

Don’t mess with what’s working. If your evergreen ads are effective, keep them running. Your site's conversion rate will spike during sales season, so layer your BFCM ads on top of what's working for additional impact. Leverage the positive social proof evergreen ads have amassed over time; they're often our top performing ads during BFCM.

2. Double Down on Retargeting

Allocate your budget strategically, focusing on retargeting efforts and prioritizing those who have engaged with the brand – clicked on an ad, viewed a video, or interacted on social. CPMs are going to spike on paid social as competition for eyeballs is at its highest, so you want to use your $$$ as efficiently as possible. Target repeat purchases and engage those who've shown interest throughout the year.

3. Resurrect Churned Connections

BFCM is the perfect opportunity to revive churned customers and subscribers. Consider offering an exclusive discount for them to rejoin your subscription program or entice them back with a segmented winback campaign featuring a personalized offer. They tried you before and hopefully they’re in the shopping mood and are ready to try you again.

4. Email Everyone

While many brands exclude inactive subscribers for regular sends (and this typically makes sense), we like to open the flood gates come BFCM. More people are in the shopping mood & it’s a great time to resurrect old customers while conversion rates hit record highs.

5. Put Your Offer in the Subject Line

If your offer is tempting, feature it prominently in the subject line. Although they might not open your email, they will still scan their inbox, so make the offer impossible to miss. Everyone is hunting for a deal & planning out how to allocate their budgets. Make sure you aren’t lost in the fray.

6. Create Urgency

Instil a sense of urgency with countdown timers in emails and on landing pages or even in ads. Cyber Monday is typically a peak revenue driver for most ecommerce stores, and it's worth including "Last Chance" messaging in ads for the last few days of the sale as an additional push. Calling out the need to secure your sizes before they’re gone can also work well for the fashion industry or brands w/ sizing, flavors, or unique variants.

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