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Welcome to the 37th edition of The Perspective 👀  

In the forest of men’s grooming, one brand stands tall - Dr. Squatch Pioneering a path with natural, manly scented soaps, they’ve turned the daily shower into a wilderness adventure. What’s their secret? Simple ingredients, complex scents, and the belief that cleanliness shouldn’t be dull. Whether it’s the invigorating whiff of pine or the rich lather of oatmeal, Dr. Squatch is for men who want to step out of the shower feeling like they’ve just trekked through the great outdoors.

Settle in comfortably as we dive into a detailed brand-first breakdown of Dr. Squatch. Alongside our breakdown, we will showcase before and after screenshots of the website's design. These visuals will highlight the specific changes we've implemented and provide insight into why each adjustment was made, all aimed at improving user experience and optimizing the site for better conversions. Let’s get started!

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Brand-First Breakdown: Dr Squatch 🧼

Mobile Menu

To boost the mobile menu's conversion rates, here’s what you should do. First, expand your mobile drawer to full width, offering more room for navigation and ensuring easy accessibility for mobile users. Clearly display the location and currency, this is vital for user clarity.

Next, apply a dark background to menu cards for increased visibility and user engagement. Coupling this with concise, yet informative CTAs will not only prompt action but also set clear expectations for users. Consider testing thumbnails for each link, giving a quick preview of what each category holds. Displaying these in two rows could improve scanning efficiency and save space.

Lastly, make your key actions CTA buttons instead to improve on visibility and prompt user interaction. Place important product traits directly below these buttons, helping in breaking down any purchase barriers. This streamlined, user-focused approach should significantly improve your mobile menu's performance and conversion rate potential.

Homepage Header

Place your social proof prominently at the top of your homepage header. This approach quickly establishes trust and lends credibility, a key factor in engaging new customers.

Studies show that website visitors typically decide whether to stay or leave a page within a few seconds. An effective and clear header copy that communicates what your brand offers and the benefits is key as it can capture users’ attention and get them hooked on your brand.

Always aim for a clear, distraction-free hero-image. This focus ensures that users' attention remains squarely on your products, improving their engagement with your content.

Current CTA buttons are located in an awkward position and are not standing out, we would typically recommend for you to reposition this to the bottom of the header and adjust your CTA copy to resonate with your hero-image. Introduce a secondary button that offers a straightforward path to view your entire collection range. This feature not only improves navigation but also increases the chances of users finding exactly what they need. Beneath these buttons, layer your key product features or selling points, a tactic that helps overcome potential purchase hesitations and facilitates a smoother decision-making process.

Shop By Category

To increase your user engagement with a section similar to this, firstly consider starting with a simple and standard headline. This should clearly communicate the section's purpose to your visitors. A clear headline from the outset can greatly improve user understanding and set the right tone.

Next, reconsider your approach to displaying categories. Moving away from a carousel and adopting a stacked layout can make it easier for users to scan and evaluate their options. This layout provides a smoother browsing experience and helps in quick decision-making.

Lastly, focus on content alignment and calls to action. Center-align your content for better readability and add brief descriptions to each category, helping users understand their relevance and benefits. Anchor the section with a full-width primary CTA to guide users deeper into your site. This clear CTA can boost engagement and improve conversion rates.


As we’ve now seen through this breakdown, simple yet effective changes, a dash of creativity, and customer focused design can make your brand stand out. Let these simple tricks inspire your strategies, and help you create your own unique ‘squatch’ touch into your brand’s journey. It’s about transforming the ordinary into something truly extraordinary!

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